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Victoria, 05 December . The new Victorian Cabinet will support the re-elected Andrews Labor Government to deliver on the bold, positive plans we put to Victorians at this election.

This strong, united team will not waste a moment as we get on with bringing back the SEC, delivering Free Kinder for every child, 50 government owned childcare centres, and building the hospitals, schools, road and rail Victorians need – all while creating thousands of jobs.

The ministry will be sworn in today, and be supported in their work by a number of Machinery of Government changes, effective 1 January 2023.

Leading the Department of Transport and Planning, Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan will remain Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop and Minister for Commonwealth Games Delivery – delivering signature state-shaping projects that create thousands of jobs and connect Victorians.

Sonya Kilkenny will become Minister for Planning, as well as keeping her responsibilities for fishing, boating and the other activities that boost local economies and keep families active as Minister for Outdoor Recreation.

Jaclyn Symes will remain Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, retaining her position as Attorney-General, and Minister for Emergency Services.

Lizzie Blandthorn will be Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, taking on the portfolios of Disability, Ageing and Carers and Child Protection and Family Services and leading the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

Tim Pallas will remain as Treasurer, continuing our four-step fiscal plan to deliver jobs, growth and a surplus. He will also retain his responsibilities as Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Trade, which will also now include the Investment portfolio.

Danny Pearson will remain Assistant Treasurer, as well as leading a new Department of Government Services as Minister for Government Services. He will become Minister for WorkSafe and the TAC, overseeing key government insurance schemes to support Victorians when they need it most. He will also add Minister for Consumer Affairs to his responsibilities.

Lily D’Ambrosio will drive the Labor Government’s work to deliver cheaper, cleaner power with government-owned energy as Minister for the State Electricity Commission – as well as Minister for Climate Action and Minister for Energy and Resources.

She will lead this transition from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action – with Resources and Agriculture to move into this Department to support the Labor Government to meet and beat our ambitious climate targets.

Ingrid Stitt will become Minister for Environment, as well as continuing her work to deliver the nation-leading Best Start, Best Life reforms – with universal Free Kinder and Pre-Prep, and 50 government-owned childcare centres where they’re needed most – as Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-Prep.

Also continuing her outstanding work to support Victoria’s recovery from the pandemic and deliver the best healthcare for every Victorian in every corner of our state, Mary-Anne Thomas will continue as Minister for Health and lead minister for the Department of Health, and will take on the key Parliamentary role of Leader of the House.

She will add the portfolios of Health Infrastructure and Medical Research to her responsibilities as the Labor Government continues to build and upgrade health services across Victoria – and will cement Victoria’s proud place as a global leader in cutting-edge health research. The Minister will also deliver our significant election commitments in women’s health, ensuring it gets the funding and focus it deserves.

Gabrielle Williams will gain the Ambulance Services portfolio, as well as continuing to rebuild the state’s mental health services from the ground up as Minister for Mental Health and delivering truth and justice to First Victorians as Minister for Treaty and First Peoples.

Colin Brooks will take on the Housing portfolio, overseeing our nation-leading Big Housing Build and working with the Commonwealth to deliver more social and affordable housing. He will also become Minister for Multicultural Affairs, working with our state’s diverse communities to ensure they are celebrated and supported.

Leading the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions, Ben Carroll will continue to serve as Minister for Industry and Innovation and add the portfolios of Manufacturing Sovereignty and Employment, as well as retaining the Public Transport portfolio.

Gayle Tierney will continue to deliver Free TAFE to support Victorians to get the skills they need as Minister for Training and Skills and Minister for Higher Education – which will move into the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions – and retain her role as Minister for Agriculture.

Melissa Horne will become Minister for Roads and Road Safety, as well as keeping the portfolios of Ports and Freight, Local Government and Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation.

Natalie Hutchins will retain the portfolios of Education and Women and continue leading the Department of Education and implementing our education agenda – including our centerpiece election commitment to transform specialist schools across the state.

Anthony Carbines will continue as Minister for Police, Crime Prevention and Racing, and Steve Dimopoulos will remain Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events and Minister for Creative Industries.

Enver Erdogan will enter the ministry with the portfolios of Corrections, Youth Justice and Victim Support. Natalie Suleyman will also enter Cabinet, becoming Minister for Youth, Small Business and Veterans – delivering the new Victorian Veterans’ Card to honour and thank our veterans for their service.

Work to deliver on the Royal Commission into Family Violence’s recommendations and build a safer Victoria for every woman, child and family will continue under Ros Spence’s leadership. Minister Spence will also continue as Minister for Community Sport and add Suburban Development to her responsibilities, ensuring our growing suburbs have a strong advocate in government.

Harriet Shing will remain Minister for Water, Minister for Regional Development and Minister for Equality, adding the Commonwealth Games Legacy portfolio as we deliver a Games that will not just create jobs and boost tourism, but leave infrastructure, housing and opportunities that will sustain communities for decades to come.

With counting in the Legislative Council ongoing, Minister Shing will not be sworn in until the Victorian Electoral Commission declares her election – with the Premier to have responsibility for her portfolios until that time.

Steve McGhie will continue to serve as Cabinet Secretary, a role he has held since July.

ANDREWS MINISTRY | December 2022

Daniel Andrews Premier [CM]
Jacinta Allan Deputy Premier
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure [CM]

Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop

Minister for Commonwealth Games Delivery

Jaclyn Symes Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council
Attorney-General [CM]

Minister for Emergency Services

Tim Pallas Treasurer [CM]
Minister for Industrial Relations

Minister for Trade and Investment

Lizzie Blandthorn Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council

Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers [CM]

Minister for Child Protection and Family Services

Colin Brooks Minister for Housing

Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Anthony Carbines Minister for Police

Minister for Crime Prevention

Minister for Racing

Ben Carroll Minister for Industry and Innovation [CM]

Minister for Manufacturing Sovereignty

Minister for Employment

Minister for Public Transport

Lily D’Ambrosio Minister for Climate Action [CM]

Minister for Energy and Resources

Minister for the State Electricity Commission

Steve Dimopoulos Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events

Minister for Creative Industries

Enver Erdogan Minister for Corrections

Minister for Youth Justice

Minister for Victim Support

Melissa Horne Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Minister for Local Government

Minister for Ports and Freight

Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Natalie Hutchins Minister for Education [CM]

Minister for Women

Sonya Kilkenny Minister for Planning

Minister for Outdoor Recreation

Danny Pearson Minister for Government Services [CM]

Assistant Treasurer

Minister for WorkSafe and the TAC

Minister for Consumer Affairs

Harriet Shing Minister for Water

Minister for Regional Development

Minister for Commonwealth Games Legacy

Minister for Equality

Ros Spence Minister for Prevention of Family Violence

Minister for Community Sport

Minister for Suburban Development

Ingrid Stitt Minister for Early Childhood & Pre-Prep

Minister for Environment

Natalie Suleyman Minister for Veterans

Minister for Small Business

Minister for Youth

Mary-Anne Thomas Leader of the House

Minister for Health [CM]

Minister for Health Infrastructure

Minister for Medical Research

Gayle Tierney Minister for Training and Skills

Minister for Higher Education

Minister for Agriculture

Gabrielle Williams Minister for Mental Health

Minister for Ambulance Services

Minister for Treaty and First Peoples

Steve McGhie Cabinet Secretary

Parliamentary Secretaries

Nick Staikos Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier
Josh Bull Parliamentary Secretary for Level Crossing Removals

Parliamentary Secretary for Transport

Darren Cheeseman Parliamentary Secretary for the Commonwealth Games
Christine Couzens Parliamentary Secretary for First Peoples
Paul Edbrooke Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer
Bronwyn Halfpenny Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs
Katie Hall Parliamentary Secretary for Creative Industries

Parliamentary Secretary for Early Childhood

Nathan Lambert Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs
Tim Richardson Parliamentary Secretary for Health Infrastructure

Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Michaela Settle Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture

Nina Taylor Parliamentary Secretary for Training and Skills
Kat Theophanous Parliamentary Secretary for Women’s Health
Vicki Ward Parliamentary Secretary for Education
Sheena Watt Parliamentary Secretary for Housing

Parliamentary Secretary for Volunteers

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