Scarlett Johansson opens up on being shadowed by daughter

Los Angeles, (TIE). Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson says she can't find time to use the bathroom, being a mother to a six-year-old. The actress, who is rumoured to be pregnant with husband Colin Jost's child, is yet to comment on reports. She has a daughter Rose, with former husband Romain Dauriac. "She shadows me all the time, which is wonderful...," Johansson said on "The Kelly Clarkson Show", reports aceshowbiz.com. She added: "I'm sure in a few years she's not going to want anything to do with me and so I should soak it all up but there's definitely times where she's on the other side of the bathroom door and I'm like, 'Rose, you've got to give me a minute, you've got to give me a minute. Mummy needs her time'." "But she means well and I'd rather have it that way than her winding up wanting nothing to do with me," said the actress, who married "Saturday Night Live" actor and writer Jost in October 2020. During the interview, Johansson also spoke about why she shied away from watching "Saturday Night Live" "I now rarely watch the show without having a sense of…not overwhelming panic, just like a slight underwhelming panic because I just feel like at any moment something's going to fall apart. And that's the excitement of 'SNL' and for all audiences, right? Because it's absolutely live," she said. The actress added: "But when you're emotionally invested in it and not just entertained by it, it takes on a little bit of a different life."

Remembering Surekha Sikri

Mumbai, (TIE) The late National Award-winning actress Surekha Sikri has worked in several memorable films since she made her debut in the 1978 film, “Kissa Kursi Ka”. Her later notable works include the TV series such as “Just Mohabbat” and “Balika Vadhu”, besides the film “Badhaai Ho”.

A recent outing that one simply cannot forget is the 2018 OTT anthology “Ghost Story”, where she played an ailing, bedridden woman. It was something that came tantalisingly close to her real-life health situation at that point of time.

“Ghost Stories” dropped last year. The then 74-year-old actress featured in the segment directed by Zoya Akhtar, which talked about the horrors of abandonment in oldage.

Sikri played the ailing paralysed old lady Mrs. Mallik, who was being taken care of by a nurse named Sameera played by Janhvi Kapoor.

Beyond the eerie mood and theme of the film, Sikri’s portrayal in Zoya’s segment was searing and struck a connect with the audience, more so because she was bedridden in real life, too. She was not keeping in the best of her health as she had suffered from complications owing to a second brain stroke.

She had suffered a brain stroke in 2020 and a paralytic stroke in 2018, the year her big hit “Badhaai Ho” released. Sikri passed away on Friday aged 75.